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Updated: August 25, 2009

This is a List of Certified and Licensed DNA Practitioners in order by country of living. This List is always current. Click on the Practitioner’s name to view their biographical information.

Only Certified and Licensed Practitioners who appear on the List are authorized to perform DNA Activations and serve as your Coach. The DNA Healing Project constantly evolves and expands, and Practitioners receive proper training to this effect.


If a person claims to be a Certified Practitioner and his or her name is not on the List, it means that this person is not currently a certified and licensed trained Teacher/Practitioner authorized by the Oughten House Foundation. Those persons who claim such an affiliation are misrepresenting themselves. Be advised that they are not properly trained nor approved to serve you and perform any of the DNA Activations. In this Light, only current Licensed and Certified DNA Practitioners can properly present and facilitate the DNA Activations.


New Practitioners Certification Program

Beginning November 2007, a new DNA Practitioners certification Program was placed into effect. Candidates from Russia, Germany, Croatia, Canada, Brazil, Spain and the United States are in process of obtaining proper Certification status.


Grand-Parenting Certified DNA Practitioners

Previous DNA Practitioners who are NO LONGER LICENSED and under Certification Contract with Oughten House Foundation, Inc., are not equipped nor properly trained to communicate and disseminate any of the current Ten (10) DNA Activations. They are eligible to Re-Certify under our “Grand-Parenting Program.” Remedial training and fees apply. To re-certify, please contact Dr. Gerard directly.



Our petition to all those interested in receiving DNA Activations is simple: either do it yourself using our DNA Activation Program Kits #s 1-4, or by a current licensed and certified Practitioner.



Commentary from Dr Robert V Gerard

Released in August 2009


The DNA Healing Project evolves constantly as Life evolves. It is guided and driven by The Holy Spirit. Each DNA Activation is SACRED and has its own time and space. Each uses very specific words, phrases, and chanelings. No other program compares to the DNA Activations as presented by Oughten House under the guidance of Dr. Gerard and Zeljka Roksandic.

Each DNA Activation builds upon its former Activation, that is, they are sequential and are designed that way for a purpose. Certified Practitioners protect you in this process because they are current with the knowledge received from Dr. Gerard and Zeljka Roksandic. Keeping the DNA Healing Project sacred, accurate, and performed with the highest integrity is vital.

There is no doubt that our world is rapidly changing. And for this reason, the real mission of the DNA Healing Project finds its place: to help generate “A World in Peace”. Every open-minded person needs the assurance and the techniques to achieve this mission.

Each of the Ten (10) DNA Activations available offers specific genetic transformational coding to make the change for Peace a reality. Our Certified DNA Practitioners have chosen to participate in this mission. Oughten House extends its hand and welcomes you to join as it needs beautiful people like you to help make this happen.


Oughten House Foundation “OHF”: Founders and Master Facilitators authorized to perform DNA Introductory Presentation and all Ten (10) Current DNA Activation Programs




Dr Robert V Gerard , Binghamton, NY, USA


Zeljka Roksandic , Binghamton, NY, USA




Oughten House Foundation “OHF” Licensed DNA Practitioners for 2009 authorized to perform:


  • The DNA Introductory Presentation

  • FIRST (1st) DNA Activation

  • Second (2nd) DNA Activation




Dr Robert V Gerard , Porec, Croatia


Zeljka Roksandic , Porec, Croatia





Suetina Irina , Moscow, Russia


Eremina Lidia, Vidnoe, Moscow district, Russia


Morozova Elena , Nizhni Novgorod, Russia


Pogorelova Elena , Reutov, Moscow district, Russia


Koroleva Ludmila ,Ekaterinburg, Russia


Salvuranova Tatiana , Moscow, Russia





Zalevskiy Vitaliy , Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine


Maslova Alla , Kiev, Ukraine


Terenja Verа , Kiev, Ukraine





Shapiro Irina , Riga, Latvia




Oughten House Foundation “OHF” Licensed Practitioners for 2009 authorized to perform:

  • The THIRD (3rd) DNA Activation

  • The Fourth (4th) DNA Activation




Suetina Irina , Moscow, Russia


Eremina Lidia , Vidnoe, Moscow district, Russia


Morozova Elena , Nizhni Novgorod, Russia


Pogorelova Elena , Reutov, Moscow district, Russia





Maslova Alla , Kiev, Ukraine


Terenja Verа , Kiev, Ukraine


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