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by Zeljka Roksandic

Throughout centuries people have thought about zero as blank spot or as complete emptiness. They connected zero with nothingness—non existence. Zero was only accepted as a beginning or an end of something, but that it could not be further expanded.

Pythagoras said: “Numbers rule the Universe!”

And what is with zero?

Only few millennia ago, the concept of zero was born. However, it received major opposition. It was introduced into the decimal system by the 13th century. Zero was the last number added to all others. It was viewed as the troublemaker in the domain of mathematics. Anything connected with zero can not be multiplied or divided. As it was perceived, nothing can evolve from zero.

Mathematics is here to measure and make sense of our world and Universe.  Math determines our realities, and makes them predictable and controllable.

In mathematics, zero is a number and concept of “nothing”. However, psychologically, this concept tends to denote degrading qualities of the human potential. When someone uses the term zero to describe something in his/her life, it almost always means nothing or something negative. On the other hand, you now know about the positive aspects of zero, which definitely exist as a valuable theory and mathematical law.

Early philosophers, however, maintained that zero was a creation of human mind, and that physical zero does not exist. The debate: Zero is a concept, not a number? If so, that is why it can not be identified in physical realm. This leads us to speculate that “zero” has metaphysical qualities.

There are lots of misconceptions in the explanation of zero. It depends on your view point. The true zero is sovereignty of wholeness.

Let me introduce you to the conception of true “Zero Point!”

Zero Point is a pure and authentic location in which resides the Divine Program of your conception. If observing Zero Point from physical realm, you will feel its emptiness. However, there picture expands to include other awareness of this existence beyond physical sovereignty. These are the mental, emotional, social, and spiritual locations of sovereignty, which represent a partial list of Zero Point identities.

Altogether, the expanded Zero Points exist, but you can not see or feel them. For example, you can not see vacuum, but know it exists. We also know that energy exists in it.

Zero Points emanate pure energy from their centers. This energy matures with love and divine wisdom. Unfortunately, the Zero Point environment can be contaminated with negative elementals. That is, it can be encumbered when in contact with uneven energies from outside, such as sinister heritage, negative emotions and thoughts, psychological and emotional trauma, etc.

Positive and negative realities of Zero Point are creations that can appear from different dimensions. Both perceived realities depend on intention of the Soul, the human, or the social environment. Regardless, in its essence, Zero Point always remains completely pure.

Let me introduce you to my conception and use of the ZeRo Point Essence technology. The word itself reflects the masculine and feminine energies of creation. The “Ze” serves the masculine and the “Ro” serves the feminine. All creation reflects the purest union of the perfect balance and integration of these energy vortexes.

ZeRo Point Essence, exploring all its realms, is much more than emptiness of anything. It is wholeness of all. ZeRo Point Essence is your seed from which you grow in beauty and light. It is nucleus of yourself, conception of your cell structure. It is also creation of your love, origin of your wisdom. ZeRo Point Essence serves as the pure source of your divinity. In your ZeRo Point Essence, you are unique and perfect.

Every person has ZeRo Point Essence that grows and expands around him or her in time and space. This is true for everything—plant, mineral, and animal.

Sometimes, while watching the broken stone, the layers in its structure show its growth. Stones and mountains also have their ZeRo Point Essence, although, they seem deceased. They have begun to grow from God’s ZeRo Point Essence, somewhere through time and space.

ZeRo Point Essence is broad in scope. It exists in every moment and every movement. Each thought and emotion is filled with ZeRo Point Essence. Your intents, relationships and communication increase from it. Time and space originate from it.

ZeRo Point Essence does not have beginning or end. It is everlasting and stable in its essence, although it can evolve.

Human ZeRo Point Essence explains that we have Crystal body. In ZeRo Point Essence your earthly body exists as beautiful crystal that is transparent and pure. It holds all other beauties in it.

This is true for your Love body. In ZeRo Point Essence, your emotional body manifests only love, and all other gorgeous emotions are in this love. It can be compared with white color in which all other colors reside.

Your Wisdom body encompasses all wisdom and positive thought forms of the Universe.

Above all, your Divine body sustains the Holy Spirit. This beauty and wisdom is your ZeRo Point Essence.

Let me introduce you to the ZeRo Point Essence Sphere.

You know that in the Universe, everything evolves. Everything expands, changes, and emerges. So does your ZeRo Point Essence.

The Sacred Geometry of ZeRo Point Essence are concentric circles. They create a perfect net around ZeRo Point Essence. In this way they are constantly creating the ZeRo Point Essence Sphere. Thus, concentric circles, which are multi-dimensional, continuously increase your ZeRo Point Essence. This occurs in all realms of your human existence—from your DNA to your Spirit-Soul levels.

The great giant Sequoia trees are well over 2000 years old. When the tree trunk is cut, you can see “rings or circles” on the remaining stub or cross-section of the tree. These circles are the Sequoia’s report card and explanations of its growth. All the irregularities in their life-time can be seen. You can determine wet and dry seasons, fires, insect infestations, and the trees overall health history. But the tree is more than these circles. The tree not only grows to enormous widths and heights, but also emotionally, and much more. Similar is with all other natures, although, their patterns and report cards are hidden in realms unseen to our human eyes.

ZeRo Point Essence Sphere is not evident in physical plan of an animal or human. But it exists on other realms, and can be seen and examined by a trained eye. Furthermore, negative energies or anomalies within the Sphere can be transmuted and healed. Thus, Essence purity can be materialized on the physical plan. From my experiences, I can say that healings have happend in the moment.

Your ZeRo Point Essence Sphere has freedom to increase the net of your sacredness. However, this process has its rules. If the Sphere grows absolutely, according to the perfect plan of its essence, then all in its inner space will be completed. Perfect circles depict harmonic, balanced, and integrated growth.

Illnesses are created when you allow negative influences upon the circles in the ZeRo Point Essence Sphere. Outer negative conditions, environment or physical heritage, can influence these circles to form irregular non-harmonic shapes. That causes ellipses and strange forms. Unusual pulsations or oscillations and lack of harmony in these forms will create contradictory and erratic vibrations. When loss of balance occurs, it produces blocks of energy and illnesses in your body.

Let me introduce you to the Technology of Healing the ZeRo Point Essence Sphere. When looking into the growth of ZeRo Point Essence Sphere through time and space, every aspect can be seen.

When viewing the ZeRo Point Essence Sphere of individual, I identify various patterns and imprints which carry detailed information. For example, when ZeRo Point Essence Sphere is regular, then the person has activated all spiritual centers. I refer to these centers as  minor ZeRo Point Essences. When your mineral, emotional, and mental, and divine centers are correlated, you are then properly grounded, in balance, and in harmony.

What can be found in the Sphere are dark spots and blocks of energy. Deep rooted issues are identified, including problematic thought forms and imperfections of our ancestors.

ZeRo Point Essence Sphere has its vibrations, colors and energy flow. Connected woven nets of information decipher the structures that rule your life. It also has consistency, tenacity and determination.

When I watch the structure of ZeRo Point Essence I can see its wholeness. This wholeness can be increased in your life, and life of all people around you.

But what I find most interesting is that in this ZeRo Point Essence, you can tap into new universes of divine wisdom for a specific center. You can see pure love and how your ZeRo Point Essence dwells beautifully in your heart.

Once the ZeRo Point Healing is done, you must continue to evolve your essence in purity and light. There are many of tools and techniques that can help you in your journey.

ZeRo Point Essence Sphere serves as protection for your bodies, not only physical, but also emotional and all higher ones. It has programs for transmuting energies that can harm you from outside, as well.

With your rising awareness for subtle energies, you are able to explore and enjoy in new wisdom, that originates in yourself, not outside yourself.

Soon, you can activate your ZeRo Point Essence and your unique programs. You can achieve oneness with yourself and your body. Eventually, experience oneness with others, the planet Earth and the whole Universe.

Creation of your ZeRo Point Essence is like swelling of a pearl in a shell. From small piece of sand the beautiful pearl can be created.

So, become aware of your ZeRo Point Essence, magnify its beauty with the awareness from your heart. Cleanse all disproportions that have been grown in its Sphere throughout time and live in its wisdom from moment to moment.

Dwell as the pearl from its shell, and let your ZeRo Point Essence increase in its magnificence and forever towards your Divinity.

                                        —  Zeljka Roksandic

Roksandic was born with the gift to heal. Zeljka, which means “Desire” in Croatian, practices Usui Reiki Tradition and Tibetan, Reiki Grand Master,  Karuna, Gautama Karuna, and Aira Reiki, Reiki Christalotherapy, Chromotherapy, Regression in Parallel Lives, Magnified Healing, Silva Methods, Advanced Metaphysics Healing, Psychocibernetics of Essenes, Biorgonomy, and DNA Activation and Healing Techniques, to name a few. She has become renown throughout Croatia, Slovenia, Holland, and Russia as a gifted and humble healer. She sustains a private counseling practice and offers a variety of healing programs and workshops internationally. Since December, 2000, Zeljka has assisted Dr. Robert Gerard with his work and now have formed a dynamic healing team to serve the general public worldwide. Zeljka and Robert have married, travel throughout Europe and Russia, and now bring their ZeRo Point Healing talents to the United States.



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