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Within our DNA, there is a very unique field of consciousness that reflects our Divine origins, which I term the “God” genes. I have a particular interest in this field of consciousness because of its behavior—expanding and uniting with similar fields. I believe that these fields serve humanity and generate a unifying field of social-consciousness.

Consciousness drives cellular behavior and has the power to influence an environmental outcome. Science has already proven how the observer’s consciousness can affect the outcome of the experiment. Notably, in 1952, on the Island of Kishoma, research entitled the “Hundredth Monkey” phenomenon inferred that when a minimal number of individuals know a 'new way', it remains the conscious property of those individuals. However, when more individuals manifest this new awareness, the field is strengthened, a critical mass is reached, and the awareness becomes the conscious property of all. This new awareness is communicated mind to mind (from The Hundredth Monkey by Ken Keyes Jr.). Behavioral and social scientists know that consciousness influences behavior.

Once there is a behavior, there is an experience, and thus wisdom becomes grounded in physical expression. It is here that the term “Spirituality” takes on a unique meaning in that it needs “behavior” to survive on this planet. Spirituality must be grounded in human-earthly experience in order to be creative and effective. Otherwise, as before, it remains powerless, although very influential.

According to the renowned Japanese biologist, Dr. T. Kishine, civilizations have their roots within humanity’s collective DNA. He theorized that the human biological design has masterminded its own Spiritual survival. He suggests that our DNA proliferates toward a purer emotional state of existence because it possesses the wisdom to flourish and achieve a higher state of existence—Spirituality.

I speculate that the essence of our Divine Nature is rooted within our DNA. By some radical means, when the DNA gets activated—a codon acceleration and expansion process—a higher functioning field of consciousness becomes dynamic. From the results of my work in the field of holistic psychology, by performing DNA Activations with clients, and through observing the global community’s increasing impetus for world peace, I find this hidden field of consciousness encoded for the Human Spirit to be an inherent aspect of the “God Gene.”

On a global level, the collective expression of this field of consciousness is what I term the “Genetic Peace Grid.” The “Grid” is beyond philosophical theory. More concretely, it is anchored into physical DNA. Herein lies the key principle—the Genetic Peace Grid functions behaviorally. In this behavior, the genetic properties of Inner Peace, that is, the royalty of our Divine Nature—becomes our environment. To achieve this agenda, it is important for the peoples of the world to absorb the concept of the Genetic Peace Grid.

Though unseen, the Grid coalesces with the mechanics of Earth Consciousness. This could be envisioned as a white glow around the planet. When we set the intent for this concept, we create it. When we imagine it, we anchor it into our reality. And when we apply passion into it, we give it Life. Thus our consciousness has formed a very real Genetic Peace Grid—behaviorally grounded onto Earth. This can be further empowered by the DNA Activation of Inner Peace. From this point onwards, we are eligible to manifest our outer world because our consciousness is positioned in God-like Service.

It is a biologically known fact that the Human Genome consists of approximately three (3) billion genetic codes. We also know that out of those codes, only about one (1) million differentiate each of us apart. Thinking deeply, that’s only one-three-thousandth of a fraction (1/3,000). Biologically, we are already genetically designed as one. There is more to Unity Consciousness then generating one humanity.  What appears more important to realize is that Unity Consciousness guides and empowers us towards World Peace. Obviously the majorities of people globally desire World Peace, but remain fragmented and ungrounded. World Peace must be genetically grounded for its consciousness to proliferate. That is precisely what the Genetic Peace Grid is manifesting.

Unity Consciousness reunites us with our inner and outer God—our loving Intelligence, our Infinite Being. The Genetic Peace Grid empowers this process on a global scale. The inherent wisdom of this experience unleashes a more powerful resource for change. How? Because, with the presence of the Genetic Peace Grid, Spirit now has the mechanism to create, change behavior, and empower us towards achieving peace.

Previously, Spirit could only influence. View it this way. Our human mind is an etheric process that can influence the creative forces to alter human behavior (mind over matter, or “Word becomes flesh”). We are consciousness both individually and collectively. The human mind depends on the human body for its existence. One cannot exist without the other. The Holy Spirit, that is, Spirituality, does not have a physical body to create change. It can only do so via human belief and faith in the Divine (usually served by religions).

When we perform DNA Activations, we genetically accelerate DNA Consciousness, which evolves to include Divine Consciousness. As DNA and Divine consciousness integrate, they have a direct relationship with the genetic behavior. This allows “Divine Mind” to interact with Human Mind. Separation between the Divine and Human is mitigated and provides the opportunity for Humans to be physically spiritual and for Spirit to sense our human realities. We often hear that “God feels through us.” Since humans are inherently good-natured, loving, and peaceful, this new integration has the power to express itself more potently.

The Genetic Peace Grid serves as an instrument for Divine consciousness to express itself behaviorally through our DNA. It is becoming a viable, solidified and unified process of accelerating our human awareness and behavior toward a more universal mind-set for World Peace. With this construct in place, the collective body that orchestrates the Genetic Peace Grid becomes a major player in redefining humanity’s social, political, and spiritual environments.  Everyone on the Human Genetic Peace Grid can serve as a transmitter of awareness and behaviors from Source into the global community. Up to this point, Spiritual information has been highly fragmented. Now it will become more focused, consistent, and behaviorally forceful. As demonstrated in the “Hundreth Monkey” principle, World Peace can be achieved because the Genetic Peace Grid unites all the individual “Peace Consciousness “ in one global grid.

The Genetic Peace Grid is not a theory. It’s a physical force. Once collectively anchored as a unifying field of social consciousness, it will evolve to become one of the prime methods for Spirit to create change on the planet. As the Genetic Peace Grid expands, its collective field of consciousness becomes a balancing force to that energy which sustains materialism and consumer consciousness. Eventually, it becomes the vehicle fostering Divine Duality—a heavenly-like state of physical existence—that eradicates the pitfalls of materialistic duality.

How can this materialistic duality subculture of controlling self-interest groups better blend and become more attuned with the rest of our societies? Favorably, that may very well be Spirit’s job. To do this, the Genetic Peace Grid must be in place. When Spirit wants to incur social change on Earth, it needs to create a behavioral change. Spirit needs to be genetically anchored in our DNA as a creative force, not solely as an influential force. If this paradox were not true, then Spirit would have already made the necessary social and environmental shifts for the sake of improving the condition of humanity. But Spirit cannot, except through enlightenment, and that’s a slow process.

Moses, Akhenaton, Abraham, Buddha, Jesus, and Mohammed all came as Enlightened Beings. They initiated many schools of thought and many religions. Theology and theory are slow and ineffective because their use of intellectualization and rational thinking is not grounded in the body. Spirit’s word for humanity needs to be grounded. As the Bible clearly states, “…the word was made flesh….” Once Spirit has genetic behavior in place, it can express itself on Earth and begin to create the environment of a functioning Divine Duality.

We are the true kings and queens of our civilization. Who, in any culture or subculture was truly appointed a king and a queen by God or an Infinite Being? No one, not as of late, anyway. Man made coronations have interfered with the Divine Plan for centuries. It’s time for Spirit to do its own work of remodeling the behavior of our society. Spirit needs to be anchored on the Earth Plane genetically. This is why so much focus is being placed on raising consciousness and the unfolding function of our DNA. Existing within our genetic codes —the God Genes—are the archetypal codes of our beauty and royalty. Herein lies the field of consciousness that will set our society free. As the Divine Plan unfolds: the Unified Field of Unity Consciousness can finally be ascertained and expressed.

The Genetic Peace Grid comprises every human being who has experienced some form of acceleration of his or her DNA. This applies to people who have had near death experiences (NDE), any kind of DNA Activation including sound, or a rebirth in their acceptance of the Mother-Father One Principles. It also includes the children, their parents and grandparents (the Indigo Generation), and those whose conscious goals are indeed in service to generating Inner Peace for one’s Highest Good and World Peace for the Highest Good of All.

Hopefully, this article has raised a few eyebrows and tickled your curiosity. It is time to get out of the “box.” Bigger events are appearing before our eyes: from massive global events, to new microscopic discoveries within our cellular world. We are awakening and one might ask: (1) “What can I do?” (2) “Am I in this group of accelerated DNA people?” and (3), “How do I know what behaviors I need to have?” Yes, some of you already know the answers, and then there is the Internet. For starters, try www.oughten-house.com. Have fun exploring your new world.

In summary, Spirit’s success on Earth depends on understanding our human ability to increase the conscious and physical acceleration of our DNA. It depends on our behavior expressed in “God-like” fashion—for we are all royal beings. Let’s strive to generate a global Genetic Peace Grid through expressing our royal selves. Let’s not get off the planet, but rather change the way we live on it and let Spirit do the rest.

In the Light of It All,


Dr. Robert V. Gerard & Zeljka Roksandic

Revised:  2 January 2007


In 1994, Dr. Gerard started Oughten House Foundation, Inc., a worldwide educational and publishing company concentrating on self-empowerment and other inspirational topics. He sustains a private holistic counseling practice in Binghamton, NY, lectures and offers workshops worldwide. He has written six books: Handling Verbal Confrontation, The Corporate Mule, DNA Healing Techniques, Change Your DNA, Change Your Life!, Lady from Atlantis, Divine Quick-Fix Healings, and has published dozens of articles. Dr. Gerard can be reached at E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This article is copyrighted. Please feel free to share this article. You have permission to share it through any medium provided this entire credit line in quotes is included. “Copyright @2006 Dr. Robert V. Gerard; website - www.oughten-house.com; e-mail – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..”

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