Change is good. Change is real. We must understand that virtually everything changes. The key is how you can benefit and properly sustain change. With eight highly powered DNA Activations now in place, the techniques to stimulate change are in your grasp. If you desire to move forward into LIFE with a firmer hold on inner and outer environments, then the DNA Activations offer profound growth. Planning your human-Spiritual Evolution is important providing you do not get in the way of God’s Plan for you.

From the very beginning, the Holy Spirit has designed the sequencing of each DNA Activation to enhance your Human-Spiritual Attributes. For the past eleven years, I can attest to the fact that thousands of people have taken the steps necessary to expand their human-spiritual horizons. Here’s how the flow has been planned.

The first four DNA Activations deal with purification and balancing. Each activation specifically focuses on a critical process for you to undertake: physically, emotionally, socially, and spiritually. Each of these DNA Activations approach and clean the shadows or karmic links you have had for generations. Thus you are propelled into a higher level where you are enabled to receive God’s Grace effortlessly.

The 5th and 6th DNA Activations deal directly with your empowerment. They help raise your consciousness and declare your Spiritual authority. It’s like graduation time and an acceptance of your royalty nature. Working with these Activations, you become enabled to accept the demands the Holy Spirit has prepared for you.

The 7th, 8th, and subsequent DNA Activations empower your Divine Attributes. These Activations virtually anchor the Holy Spirit’s characteristics within you forming the essence of the New Trinity. Each Activation marks a major leap into your true Cosmic Nature while you enjoy greater manifestations on your Earth Plane.

In effect, the trend that I see is two-fold. One is the purification process of all misqualified energy and the other is empowering your Divine Nature and Expression.

In a sense, you are the Holy Grail. First, you must find yourself. Second, you must clean every atom or particle of darkness. Claim your beauty and power. Open up and be receptive of the Holy Spirit living within you. And begin to serve God in the capacity of a Divine Ambassador of Peace.